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Fast Lane Advisory

Trading Places

Moving to Australia or the UK? Returning home? Already arrived and not sure about your next step?

The decision to move to another country or to return to your home country after many years away can naturally bring on a roller coaster of emotions; excitement, anxiety, confused or simply overwhelmed. ‘Love Your Work’ Trading Places service is for you if;

  • Want to explore all your career and lifestyle options before making the ‘big decision’
  • Already migrated and everything feels ‘foreign’ and need objective advice
  • Need honest feedback to help you make an informed decision-not the glossy brochure variety!

Why connect with Love Your Work Career Consulting? We understand ‘as migrators’ and will be in safe experienced hands!

We also have long held relationships with recruitment agencies in the UK and Australia, years of insights into both job markets, and partner with a highly experienced migration agent.

Take advantage of our 19+ years of experience & book your obligation-free mini consult now.

Love your Work Career Consulting

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