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Love your Work Career Consulting

Time For Change

Remember how good it felt to finally be able to drive with confidence – go anywhere, do anything.

Picture how great it will feel when you have the;

–  clarity  –  essential skills  –  knowledge  –  strategy  –  and confidence to drive your own future

Go anywhere, be anything –taking control of your career and life management.

‘Time for Change’ is a full service you career coaching program working with our proven ‘explore, plan, achieve’ formula – all tailored to you!


What’s really important to you, you’re lifestyle and career, using a variety of assessment tools, discovering the ‘authentic you’. Challenging you along the way.


Would you run a marathon without training or planning? No!

Your career (and life) deserves just as much training and planning. We will work with you to plan for your short, medium and long term goals and keep you on track by equipping you with all the tools to be self-guiding in the future.

Not only does this mean your ability to achieve is much higher, but it also makes for a smart investment of your time and money.


We will support and keep you on track, helping you realign the goals as necessary and ensuring you ‘future proof’ your career management.

Why trust ‘Love Your Work Career Consulting’? We love to explore and help open up a whole range of ‘never considered before’ opportunities. Support is always available post program.

Take advantage of our 19+ years of experience & book your obligation-free mini consult now.

Love your Work Career Consulting

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