Love Your Work Career Consulting | Essential Skills Training
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Love your Work Career Consulting

Essential Skills Training

Reduce the number of rejection emails, the frustration and time wasted… gain new practical skills ‘for life’ and create options for now and your future!

Ever played cricket in a blindfold? Did it sting? Did you feel disconnected from the game!? Tackling the job market without preparation could feel just like that! We know you deserve a better game (and outcome!).

Love Your Work ‘Essential Skills Training’ is designed to equip you with all the career related skills you’ll ever need now and in the future, served up in bite-sized practical pieces. Consults can be 1:1 or we are happy to facilitate small group training if you would like to train with friends.

We can ‘upskill’ and support you in the following ways;

  • Interview Coaching – feel relaxed, perform at your best and open the door to other opportunities during the interview
  • Networking plus personal ‘brand management’ on and offline. Why do it? How to do it?
  • Job search strategy –social media for job hunting, how to access the hidden job market
  • Authenticity – yes there’s a skill in how to present the ‘real you’ and balance it with professional etiquette
  • Job applications – from ‘how to apply’ through to following up and gaining feedback
  • Resume review – 6 seconds is all a recruiter/hiring manager spends reading it – tips and tricks to stand out from the crowd
  • ‘How to …’ series; write a cover letter, work with recruitment agencies

Take advantage of our 19+ years of experience & book your obligation-free mini consult now.

Love your Work Career Consulting

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