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Love your Work Career Consulting

Bouncing Back

Congratulations to all the ‘comeback kids’! You’ve taken then hardest step and decided that it’s time for change… ‘Bouncing Back’ is designed specifically with parents in mind – either looking to plan your return to the workforce or to make changes to your existing situation.

As with all of the Love Your Work Career Consulting services, we can simply assess your needs and personalise a package to suit you, or, you can ‘pick n mix’ from the selection below, focusing the time on your immediate needs.

  • Logistics ever wished there was more hours in the day? We can guide you with practical resources (including childcare options and how to find government support) and creating balance in and out of the home
  • Confidence Been out of the workforce for a while? Think you have forgotten how to be on your ‘A’ game or survive in the workplace? We KNOW you still have it
  • Networking for returners – get creative
  • Prioritising how to meet the demands of home/family and gain something back for you
  • Job Strategy specific planning for part time and flexible working
  • Practical Skills training which includes resumes writing, cover letters, interview coaching
  • Interview buddy same day pre interview prep + post interview debrief

We know that life happens, so scheduling an appointment during traditional business hours is difficult. ‘Bouncing Back’ works around the demands of your home and family commitments, with additional appointments available during:

  • Evenings, weekends and even during your child’s ‘nap time’
  • Door to door* service for when it’s just too difficult to get out of the house
  • Or a location of choice.

Don’t want to do this alone? Why not speak with us about our ‘play date coaching’. This is ideal if you have a friend in a similar situation to you, but do not have a babysitter. A series of small group ‘Bouncing Back’ workshops are also available.

Take advantage of our 19+ years of experience & book your obligation-free mini consult now.

Love your Work Career Consulting

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