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6 Essential Points of a Six-Figure Resume

6 Essential Points to a Six-Figure Resume

A six-figure resume and overall personal branding exercise are essential for any professional looking to secure the best career opportunities.

With the above in mind are you treating your capability/branding document as ‘just admin’? When the smart time and money is on ‘closing the career deal’ with an advert (resume) that ‘sells the product’ (you) to the target market?

A six-figure resume should be exactly that, worth every dollar, enticing and engaging.  Why else would the ‘buyer’ (hiring manager/recruiter) invite you in for a meeting otherwise?

It may seem vulgar to consider yourself a ‘product’ however the reality is at the early stage of a traditional hiring process (applying online) that is what many will perceive you as until a human connection is formed.

The trick, of course, is to elevate yourself away from the often numerous applications. Preferably by not following the traditional application route (more on that next time).

For now, ask yourself these 6 fundamental questions:

  1. Is your resume showcasing your ability to deliver a strong return on investment (ROI)?
  2. Is the ‘evidence’ on your resume succinct and compelling? Evidenced at all?
  3. What is your point of difference from your competitors? Is the ‘messaging’ coming through consistently?
  4. Does your resume demonstrate your true depth, knowledge and thought leadership in your area of expertise?
  5. Is your resume consistent with any other ‘branding’ currently in the public domain i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, Company profile, reputation? Or is it all ‘spin’ with no substance?
  6. Does it allow for electronic tracking systems to gather the necessary data to be selected?

Perhaps controversially, I look forward to the day when finally, the ‘traditional resume’ is defunct and we can all focus on the pure ‘value add’, untainted by long held archaic rules of ‘no more than 3 pages’ etc.  For this to happen it requires a leap of faith in the overall process of hiring, interview methodology and onboarding.   Many companies are picking up the challenge and reaping the rewards of lower attrition and inspired and engaged employees.

Until then, get ahead of the curve, build your capability to be able to ‘showcase’ yourself with confidence. A 6-figure resume will not only deliver more invitations to interview but by working through the process in an engaged manner will have the added benefit of truly understanding your market currency and competitive edge.

Finally, ask yourself this, based on the 6 points above would you hire YOU?

Dawn Toynton is a professionally qualified career coach and authority on resume writing that delivers results.  A professional member of the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA) with over 20 years expertise in coaching, training, recruitment and HR she has extensive knowledge of the employment market and hiring process which she uses to inspire her clients to success.

To create your the 6-figure opportunities you deserve, contact Dawn on 0415 097 345 or


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