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Outplacement – Why is it Important?

Outplacement services are typically offered to employees exiting an organisation – usually under redundancy. As a HR professional or people manager there is a reasonable chance you may have been involved in redundancy and may agree for all parties involved it can bring a range of emotions and of course impact.

Having worked through the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2008,  which was nothing short of a ‘redundancy bloodbath’, my experience tells me the way in which you undertake the redundancy process will have significant impact on your team, organisational brand, yourself and inevitably the departing employee.

Redundancy has a significant impact. Who doesn’t remember how they were exited?

Ask yourself this – if the employee was a customer or client what impression has your service left them with?’

Redundancy can ‘scar’ or at the very least leave bruises which impacts internal performance and can lead a PR nightmare should the employee take the situation further or simply share the story with any friend, social media platform or family member that will listen.    It’s vital to keep at least one eye on the big picture, particularly because something like the economy is cyclical and the ‘war for talent’ (cliched I know) is a very real concept.

Why being human (and humane) is the key to Outplacement.

The basic purpose of outplacement is to assist with the smooth transition from their current employer to re-orienting them to the job market and assist them with their job search. There is a deeper more fundamental need for outplacement services.  The right ‘conduit’ can empower the exiting employee, building confidence and reducing the potential of emotional scarring and increase the chance of the individual going on to prosper. For the remaining team this may act as a comforting sign that the ‘care factor’ and investment made to them on arrival will be applied should they exit.  It’s humane (and commercial).

How much do you time and spend onboarding, engaging, training and managing an employee?

Significant number of hours and training dollars are invested, so why wouldn’t you invest in a ‘healthy exit’? And why would you only offer outplacement services to executives? Outplacement demonstrates respect for individuals and shows that the business recognises its employees as its most valuable asset. Think about it this way – would you rather have disgruntled ex-employees out there in the market, spreading negative comments? Or ex- employees who tell others how well cared for they were? And, what about your remaining employees who have their perception shaped by how they see their colleagues being treated? This can often effect how hard they will work for you post-redundancy period.

Beyond the business case you and many others have formed a working relationship with the person, spending many hours working, achieving or simply sharing personal stories.

Surely you all deserve the best exit experience possible? It’s just humane!

Love Your Work Career Consulting advocates the ‘Human Touch’ outplacement service, treating individual’s with the respect and regard they have been afforded whilst working for your organisation. To understand more on how we can support you, your team and organisation email or call Dawn Toynton 0415097345.

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