Love Your Work Career Consulting | NBBEN – Proud supporter of Young Persons Career Development on the Northern Beaches
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NBBEN – Proud supporter of Young Persons Career Development on the Northern Beaches

Career beginnings – we all started somewhere, didn’t we?

Can you remember how confusing and frustrating it was when adults would ask ‘what would you like to be when you grew up’? How many of us at a young age were aware enough or able enough to verbalise our next 50 years in the workplace. And quite frankly why should young people give a ‘singular job title’ to a baby boomer or any other generation who has walked a linear career path.

You and I know, that our children and grandchildren’s career path will look far from linear and based on a broader bag of soft skills, subject matter expertise and the ability to connect, network and deliver both globally and locally.

Jealous or relieved that you’re not part of it – all the reports showing that this is what our young people are facing.

When I look at my 4-year-old daughter I see the potential for adventure, flexibility and the lack of need for fixed abodes and putting up shelves on a weekend!  With that comes the necessity for a high degree of resilience and to be her own personal ‘change agent’.

She’s 4 years old – she has time! But what of our young people on the Northern Beaches -who may not have role models or whose parents may be going through their own ‘career flux’, after all, Gen X ( the first of the generations to navigate the maze and pave the way for a ‘portfolio career-life’.

Fortunately, there are organisations like the Northern Beaches Business Enterprise Network (NBBEN) who work tirelessly in support of local youth.

Here’s a little overview of the what they do;

‘The Business Education Network Inc (BEN or “THE BEN”) is a non-profit organisation based in the Northern Beaches of Sydney. The Business Education Network’s mission is to work with businesses, community orgs and schools to create a better future for young people. We do this by assisting all young people in need, who are disadvantaged and/or experience difficulties and challenges which prevent them from successfully transitioning into adulthood by providing vocational skills, welfare promotion and harm prevention activities, with the purpose of relieving helplessness and adversity, to adolescents under the age of 25 years.’

Following on from the success of the NBBEN 2015 series Love Your Work Career Consulting is proud to be volunteering at the ‘Young Women’s Work Inspiration’ series. To be held at Mackellar Girls Campus in March 2017, to engage and discuss in all career focused questions.

As a passionate advocate of early career conversations, I am excited to be part of this event.  If you would like to volunteer your time to a great local organisation, contact the Northern Beaches Business Enterprise Network directly You may even be inspired to have your own career transition.

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