Love Your Work Career Consulting | Career Coaching FAQ’s – All you need to know.
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career coaching FAQ's

Career Coaching FAQ’s – All you need to know.

Career Coaching – let’s debunk the myth of who it’s for and how it happens!  

At ‘Love Your Work’ we believe in total transparency, any question unanswered contact our Founder Dawn Toynton at and she will happily respond directly. This is our version of career coaching uniquely developed over years of working with you!

What can I expect from a career coaching session?

A 1 hour to 75 minute focused conversation expertly led and structured to help you to reach clarity within a step by step process, using a variety of tools and methodology. Love Your Work Career Consulting Coaches ensure each session benefits you as a stand-alone session and also as a part of a series of sessions to reach your coaching objectives. Your time is focused and structured so that your time is truly maximised.

Why would I need career coaching? To find career direction, understand and maximise your work style, accelerate your career path, maximise your potential, gain support through change, strategically explore your career-life options, develop confidence, communication, leadership and interpersonal skills, amongst many many other things we work on.

Where do you coach people?

For ‘in person’ consults we have offices based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and Sydney CBD. We can also arrange to see our clients at their workplace, or in a convenient venue centrally.  In addition, we also go to see many career coaching clients in their own homes or close by.  We are not limited to coaching clients within Sydney, we also coach many clients nationally and internationally via Skype or phone.  Logistics a concern? We also run programs phone/skype based programs.

When and what time are career coaching sessions available? How often should I have a session?

At Love Your Work Career Consulting we aim to be as flexible as possible and ensure you can fit your coaching session into your schedule.  With this in mind, we offer business hours, evening and weekend appointments.

For the first 3 sessions, we suggest weekly in order to build momentum. From here, we suggest every  14 days, as you will be busy with actions and exercises to do in order to move forward in the next session. At Love Your Work Career Consulting, we really want you to get as much value as you can from our work together so we encourage you to complete many exercises in your own time, to ensure you are continually progressing.  We also encourage continued contact and sound-boarding in between session.

What is your 100% confidentiality guarantee?

Love Your Work Career Consulting’s success spans many years and is entirely based on satisfied clients at all career levels and stages of life. 100% confidentiality is naturally guaranteed and central to the success of our business and your success in the coaching relationship.  This is further supported by Professional Membership to the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA).  To access the  CDAA Code of Conduct we adhere to follow the link

Isn’t career coaching just for executives?

No, not at all. Career coaching is for anyone that demands a higher degree of personal, life and professional satisfaction.  Love Your Work Career Consulting works with a diverse client group – the process is tailored to suit the individual.

What is the difference between working with a career coach and a life coach? And why do you call it career-life coaching?

Career coaching is focused on your development and effectiveness within the context of your career and work. Life coaching is focused on your personal effectiveness and development, working typically on areas like increasing your confidence, working to achieve your personal goals in relationships, interpersonally, socially and your overall wellbeing. At Love Your Work Career Consulting we believe true success comes from a balance of career-life happiness and satisfaction.  In short, we look to work with the ‘whole person’. Both life coaching and career coaching work by empowering the individual to move forward, teaching them invaluable life skills and tools and supporting them to achieve their goals.  Our programs allow for a unique blend of career-life coaching or solely career focused.

How can you help me?

At Love Your Work Career Consulting, we are professionally qualified specialists in Career Coaching and Career-Life Coaching. Complimented with a wealth of commercial and corporate experience including HR, recruitment and training. With this expertise we have helped many, many people with a huge variety of matters career-life related.

 I am not looking to change jobs but want to still develop professionally? Or my employer isn’t supporting my professional development but I want to grow?

Career coaching isn’t just about changing careers or ‘sea changes’. Approximately 50% of our clients are happy with their current employer (and or career path) and want to maximise their career development and opportunity.  This may include; developing leadership qualities, how to manage more effectively, applying emotional intelligence in the workplace, education development or assistance in seeking out a mentor or professionally networking.

Unfortunately, not all employers support professional development for a variety of reasons.  The key is – you can still develop and we will support you in approaching your employer where appropriate.

How can I approach my current employer to pay for career coaching?

We work with directly with numerous corporates, NFP’s and businesses.  Love Your Work Career Consulting can provide you with an information pack outlining the ‘benefit to business’ of your development. We are also able to meet with your employer to discuss if you wish.

Is there much difference between being career coached via Skype or in person?

We coach individuals frequently via Skype and our clients have all the success of our face-to-face career coaching clients. Many of our clients choose Skype as a way to eliminate extra travel time, cost, stress and energy. Getting their career coaching session into their day whether it’s at work or at home, it’s definitely the most convenient way to go.

How can I pay?

We accept bank transfers and secure online payments via Stripe. We take payment upfront and also have the facility to create convenient split payment or monthly instalment plans, a small admin fee applies to instalment plans.

How do you measure a client’s success?

The proof is in the pudding. Our clients report back in each and every session how much action they’ve taken from the previous session, how much they’re applying their new learning and investing in developing themselves between sessions. We discuss the results they’re achieving both inside and out in each and every session. Each session is a like a review in itself, which allows us to tweak and tailor your coaching journey, as we go. We also use feedback forms at the end of each coaching process to measure and monitor the success of that case.

What can I expect from career coaching?

Career coaching is about taking the client on a journey of self-discovery, facilitating and empowering the client to discover the answers they need for themselves and helping them to develop as a person first which then develops their professional selves. We believe career coaching is a team sport, a collaboration between client and coach working together to achieve the results you deserve.
Career coaching is very much results-focused, each session and journey are tailored to your individual needs and practical.

How many career coaching sessions will I need?

This isn’t easily answered, as everyone and their needs are so different. Usually, 6 sessions with a Career Coach will get clients to a place where they are achieving tangible results. 3 sessions will give you a taste of the potential results. 9 plus career coaching sessions are usual for people who are making major career changes. It varies according to the individual and the pace at which each client can go varies considerably.

Many clients, will come for a further number of ‘check-in’ sessions as they continue to achieve their goals and maintain their new mindset and actions or develop new goals as they have achieved their existing ones.

Time to talk about you?

Contact or call our Director Dawn Toynton on 0415 097 345.



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