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5 Ways To Get Your New Years Resolutions Back on Track

‘It’s all about the change’ says Megan Trainor and James Corbin

In this classic take off of her massive hit, highlighting that dire attempts at News Year’s resolutions simply lasting as long as your last drink. Indeed we all start off the year with the best intentions – why not! But here we are day one, month two… is it time to re-align your resolution’s and get you back on track? I know you deserve more from 2017.

Studies show the following 5 primary reasons why your resolutions are not quite going to plan:


  1. Your expectations were not realistic – OK  I am all for dreaming big but the mailroom to CEO in 6 months may not be the smartest stepped through goal ever set.
  2. Your resolutions were not properly defined – for example ‘I want to travel’ or ‘I will do my job better’ will not lead to a specific desired outcome.  Let’s use the tried and tested classic S.M.A.R.T (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound) to increase your chance of achieving a satisfying outcome. And besides, the satisfaction is often to be found en route to the goal.
  3. You didn’t have the right mindset – would you run a marathon with a hangover or would you mentally (and physically in this example) prepare for success? Unprepared for all the hard work, distractions, obstacles and setbacks that might be ahead of you, you will most likely fail.
  4. Time Management skills are lacking -You had a goal, a plan and the best of intentions. But then life got busy – I get it! So let’s get practical – realistically look at the actual number of hours you have free each day/week and set manageable goals.  Incremental satisfaction is key.
  5. You are living distracted – Even the most minor distractions slow you down, wasting your energy and time – consequently adding more stress to your life – and keep you away from things that you really want. Distractions cause you to miss many opportunities in life. They make you feel busy and tired all the time and frustrated at the lack of progress despite your best efforts. By eliminating unnecessary distractions from your everyday routines, you will be able to make time for things that really matter to you and get one step closer to fulfilling the promises that you made to yourself.

I can ‘see’ you vigorously nodding at some (possibly all) of the above after all life is busy. But consider this, you have goals, desires or needs that have to be met, so let’s consider the following tips to move you back on track and ready for action;

  1. As point 2 be S.M.A.R.T
  2. Highlight and categorise the obstacles. We know ‘life happens’ and we have mentally challenging days so let’s prepare. Recognising and categorising the potential pitfalls will help you decide how to best spend your energy and resources on countering them.
  3. Identify the human factor. Who can you rely on to hold you accountable to your resolutions? Whose company should you seek? And who might you want to keep away from, to ensure that you don’t stray away from your goals? The resolutions might be yours, but other people still play a great part in your achieving the desired outcome.
  4. Find the alternatives. Things don’t always turn out as planned, so it’s a good idea to have a Plan B handy, just in case. Ask yourself how you are going to proceed if, for example, you face too many obstacles, or your priorities shift, or you lose your motivation or get overwhelmed? Think of these things beforehand so that you don’t make rash decisions under the influence of your emotions later on.
  5. Take disciplined action. And discipline is the critical part of this last step. You are the one who is first and foremost responsible for your success. Conversely, making excuses and not holding yourself accountable for your actions is a sure path to failure. Remember that you are doing this to benefit yourself, so keep track of your progress and don’t let self-doubt or dwindling motivation jeopardise your resolve.

In short, be S.M.A.R.T, find an accountability partner and enjoy the ride!

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