Love Your Work Career Consulting | 5 Pre-Christmas Career Change Action Points
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5 Pre-Christmas Career Change Action Points

Are you planning a career change in 2017?

Tired and feel like you’re dragging your heels towards the tinsel, prawns and a chilled glass of something? Before you mentally ‘check out’ for the holidays, why not save yourself some New Year pain and finish the year with a personal ‘tap on the back’.

Why not complete the following 5 action points whilst still in work mode and can remember what you do for a living and why you’re great at it!

  • Update your LinkedIn headline, summary and general profile.
  • Request ‘recommendations’ (not just endorsements) on LinkedIn.  Why? They act as great public references and are often noted by recruiters and hiring managers.
  • Create a personal ‘brag/reminder folder’ from 2016. Consider including: feedback from managers, customers and colleagues, development reviews and a note of all the courses you have attended throughout the year.
  • Write your resume profile summary.
  • Be strategic – this is a great time of year for on and offline networking. As we slide towards Christmas, why not organise those all important ‘coffee conversations’ for early 2017 or before.  Why? guaranteed to help aid your personal motivation and launch 2017 positively.

And just as importantly the final action point.

Reflect on the year you’ve had, consider the learnings, congratulate yourself and enjoy the break.

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