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Work: Resignation pending? What is your exit strategy?

Resignation pending? Time to exit? Has your tolerance level ‘hit the wall’? STOP.

The key to a successful resignation is first, not to do it in haste. Easier said than done I know. It may have been one of those days when a colleague or manager has just pressed one too many buttons. I get it!

I was once given the career advice that you should always ‘enter and exit (a workplace) quietly’ and no the advisor wasn’t talking about tip toeing in and out of work. But simply the strategy of using your emotional intelligence (EQ) to ‘suss out the lay of the land’.  Whilst I believe the advice does have it’s merit, it is fundamental to ensure the ‘in-between bit’ displays your full range of scope, delivery and relationship building.  With the latter in mind, let’s take a look at some considerations and planning before delivering the big ‘R’.

At risk at sounding like an ageing relative who hasn’t been in the workplace since the turn of the millennium … before resigning ensure the timing ‘serves you well’.  What does this mean?

Taking time to ‘plot and plan’ and generally prepare  in many areas of your career-life will lead to reduced anxiety or stress on exit and of course put you in a stronger competitive position in the employment market.   Consider the following;

  • Have you maximised your current employment situation for example; taken advantage of any career related training, or progression opportunities that may ‘serve you’ in your next job? Or add job market value – allowing you to ‘pitch’ for a higher level role? I appreciate this may not be what you want to hear right now but putting the breaks on resigning could be your best move. Check out our blog on ’11 alternatives to resigning’.
  • Before resigning … remember the ‘sometimes and good times’. In Psychology Today’s article ‘Can I resign and stay on good terms’., it highlights the need for a positive resignation for your own mental well-being.  As a careers coach I believe a ‘healthy exit’ is imperative, I see many clients whom are emotionally bruised by difficult workplace resignations, that inevitably affect their ability to ‘perform at interview’ and subsequently in to the new job.
  • Resigning without a job to go to? Quite typical in this final quarter of the year … facing summer, time off with family. Great! But wait, before you dive off in to the sunset without a care in the world and lose the ‘corporate mindset’, gather references and testimonials whilst people remember your value! Connect on LinkedIn and secure ‘coffee conversations’ for the new year.

6 degrees of separation no more, Facebook shares statistics to support 3.5 degrees of separation universally.  Imagine the ‘true picture’ in a ‘small town’ like Sydney!  Time to get tactical?

Other than the ‘self care’ element of resigning there is the practical element of not being too hasty and essentially not burning bridges.  Have you fostered the best possible relationships that may be advocates for you in the future or vice versa, ‘people know people’ and Sydney is corporately compact!  It’s no surprise with the pace of social media and social connecting that the degrees of separation have almost halved, as the link to Facebook research demonstrates in the following link.

Networking and connecting in to your next career move is much less frustrating and time consuming than pressing the ‘apply’ button on job boards.  

As tempting as it is to resign this minute, ask yourself ‘does it serve me’ to do so?

Love Your Work Career Consulting works with clients in all phases  of career transition and growth.  To book a sound-boarding and planning session email or call Dawn 0415097345.


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