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You did what at the company Christmas party?

You did what at the office Christmas party?

Office Christmas parties a time to celebrate another year of hard work, a time to let the hair down, relax, reflect?  Maybe even a time to enjoy the free flowing champagne (or cheap wine if company profits are down!) and let your work colleagues or manager in on certain conversations you want to get off your chest … STOP!

Similar to our earlier blog ( on Melbourne Cup shenanigans you know this can be a seriously … ‘career limiting, red cheeked Monday walk of shame’ time of year!  As the Christmas decorations are already in shops, here’s your early reminder of office party ‘etiquette’.

Yes we all think we’re wittier and move like a professional dancer after a couple of drinks but here’s the truth…

Office parties are potential minefields disguised as harmless events! ‘Bah humbug’ I hear you cry and at risk at sounding like the Christmas Grinch, let’s work together to ensure you have a job (let alone a career) to come back to post office party.

Here are 5 (obvious) reminders of the ‘classy vs ‘oh no you didn’t’ approach to your office end of year bash:

  1. So you think you can dance Twerking in-front of or even worst with your boss … enough said!
  2. Volume control Complaining about ‘Maz, Matt or Muhammad’ to your colleagues … the walls have ears and that last glass of bubbly may have made your voice that little bit louder
  3. Feeling uplifted …  Don’t get me wrong we all want to feel good, let a bit more of our personality out, it is a party after all!  The question is, which part of your personality do you want to demonstrate? The ‘I’ve developed a cleavage or hairy chest post 5pm’  or for your scintillating wit and charm?
  4. Be a hero  nobody wants to be holding someones head in the bathroom, however saving a colleague from limiting their own career, can be endearing and beneficial
  5. Circle of Trust feeling like you’ve had one ‘lemonade’ too many, maybe keep with your regular colleagues. Tonight might not be the time to make new ‘friends’ with the CEO.

Not interested in playing nice at this years office party?  Then maybe this link for the latest Christmas movie ‘Office Christmas Party’ could be just what you’re looking for.

Remember to wipe the wine stains off the resignation letter before Monday!


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