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How to avoid your resume (CV) being treated like junk mail

Ever thought of your resume (CV) as junk mail to be tossed in the electronic trash bin?

You’ve spent hours tailoring, tweaking, going cross eyed staring at your resume … for a recruiter or hiring manager to spend less than 6 seconds reading it. Infuriating? Soul destroying? Or even worse … the apathy sets in and the drive to secure a new job or take the next step up the career ladder diminishes.

As generalist recruiters can easily receive over 40-100 applications per job and quite often are working on over 10 permanent roles at any one time, you can (temporarily) sympathize with how easily a resume, can quickly become no better than junk mail.

Do the maths … would you want to look at over 400-1000 resumes in quick succession?

Yes, we know ‘it’s their job’ but how about – for our gain (and theirs) – we make it all a bit more enticing to read our resume.

Below are 5 quick tips to increase your resume success;

  • Adopt the attitude ‘recruiters are human too’ – yes I know it’s hard when you’re STILL waiting on a courtesy call/email to the last 8 applications you have made. But hear me out … this is about YOU getting what YOU deserve. So let’s go ‘retro’ and try to engage on the phone, with a simple start point of ‘sympathy and acknowledgement’ …’how are you’, ‘how’s your day going’, ‘I understand it must be a tough job with so many people calling’, ‘I would appreciate your guidance’.  Or even a ‘halfway house’ of connecting on LinkedIn with relevant recruiters that you wish to align with. Yes, yes, I can see your blood boiling at the thought of it BUT this is a chess game – be tactical!
  • A well-crafted, engaging, relevant resume and cover letter help – again I know it’s hard when you have spent hours applying for multiple jobs but ask yourself this … would reading the same cover letter over and over keep you interested?
  • Are you applying for the right roles? Are you telling the ‘right story’? The person on the receiving end of your resume is not a mind reader – ‘positively’ explain your story
  • Competencies can transcend industries – how are you explaining your skills? A chef wanting to become sales rep may not be an obvious transition – draw the connection.
  • Sell, sell, sell with ‘evidence’ or tangible examples– don’t be shy, your competitors aren’t.

So deep breath, let’s apply some new tactics to get your resume noticed … for your own sanity and success!

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