Love Your Work Career Consulting | ‘LinkedIn Lovers’ Beginners Guide – 5 quick tips to get better results
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‘LinkedIn Lovers’ Beginners Guide – 5 quick tips to get better results

LinkedIn – love me or don’t use me! Ever been on a dating site, saw a picture only to be disappointed in the content or lack of! Or equally a great profile without a picture.  Either way the chances of you connecting with that person are reduced.  The same principle applies to LinkedIn or otherwise known as ‘Facebook for Professionals (without the ‘what I had for dinner last night pictures)’.

Here are some quick tips for LinkedIn lovers;

  1.  It’s Selfie time … yes profiles with pictures get up to 9 times more views and let’s ‘face’ it the point of networking (on and offline) is to be noticed!  Tip: this isn’t an opportunity to show off your all over tan … keep it professional
  2. Personal Brand … quickly becoming an overused term but it is a necessary concept worth considering in today’s working world. Before writing your profile or agreeing to connect with someone, think about what you want to be ‘known for’ both attributes and skills and what value you can add to the connection and vice versa
  3. Water the plant … no water it dies right? Your LinkedIn profile should follow the same principle ‘water regularly’, cultivate and prune! LinkedIn essentially follows a principle of ‘feed me and I will play more’, promoting you further.  Tip: consider joining relevant groups, follow people/organisations of interest, like and comment.  Just like Facebook but for professionals!
  4. Harvest … take point 3 to another level.  In your ‘real world’ would you go 1 – 2 years without contacting a friend and if you did would there be some catching up to be done? Similarly with social networking … you will reap what you sow, keep in touch with your contacts, following the principle of networking it is as much about ‘giving’ as ‘taking’
  5. Mindset … LinkedIn can feel a bit daunting at first, so consider this … the majority of people are on there for the same reason as you – to generate (work) opportunities, new connections and to ‘up knowledge’ … enjoy!


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