Love Your Work Career Consulting | Migrating to Australia? 5 alternative tips you should know
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Migrating to Australia? 5 alternative tips you should know

Carry On Down Under … 5 ‘alternative’ things you should know

Migrating to Australia from the UK?  Daunted? Excited? Or perhaps you’ve already moved here and are already making your own observations? I was recently asked by a client what I wished I had known moving to Sydney almost 13 years ago.  Here are a handful of tips that sprung to mind and quite honestly still baffle me today!

5 ‘trivial but oh so important’ things I wished I had known when it was my time to migrate…

  1. Crazy Christmas’ … you may crave a hot Christmas especially if you’re moving from the ‘balmy’ client of the UK … however there’s nothing more ‘home sick evoking’ than a hot Christmas day, especially when the husband insists on carrying on the ‘motherland’ tradition of turkey with the trimmings … BUT guess what in many parts of Oz you get to have TWO Christmas’ … yes ‘Christmas in July’ an opportunity to dust off your reindeer jumper, huddle round a gas fire (that would probably be illegal in many countries) and sing ‘Slade’ full pelt … with Kookaburras singing in the background!
  1. Supermarkets & Meal Deals … you may be forgiven for thinking that you’re in a developing country when it comes to the supermarkets – choice is often limited and the ‘experience’ is functional but guess what … do you really need 7 choices of baked beans?  And yes it’s annoying having to buy booze in a different shop but on the flip side how much fun is a ‘drive through’ off license! As for meal deals … what are they?! A rare breed indeed!

3.Homesickness guilt … it’s OK to feel homesick whether you’ve been here 2 months or 20 years … there’s nothing more patriotic (and rose tinted)           as an Ex-Pat! Try to remember why migrating was for you in the first place and that you have moved to a different country (even though the            language maybe the same and many things similar) you’re bound to want ‘home comforts’ from time to time … cue Marks & Spencer free delivery!

  1. Weather … yes you can ski in Australia, yes it gets cold, yes it’s true the houses rarely have ‘central heating’ and you may find yourself sleeping wearing a woolly hat – that you asked your Nan to knit after your first winter here!
  1. Topless sunbathing … it’s not ‘Costa Del Benidorm’ the relaxed way of life doesn’t extend to burnt boobs!

Migrating is a wonderful experience, not without it’s challenges and ‘Carry On’ moments.   At ‘Love Your Work Career Consulting’ our aim is to make the transition as easy and stress free as possible – from the moment you decide to migrate, through to exploring job opportunities and places to live our ‘Trading Places’ package just only covers career related topics but also can act as a sounding board for all manner of – questions from schooling info through to ‘what size bedding fits Aussie beds’!

For migration career-life guidance email or perhaps you would like to write a guest blog on your migration experience?


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