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Professional Career Coaching gets you moving!

‘Career Coaching gets you moving’ says this weekends ‘Manly Daily’ in an article  supporting the careers industry. It goes on to highlighting the key benefits for those that embark on personal/professional investment.

Coaches should be qualified and accredited under the Career Industry Council of Australia, including membership of a CICA association. Accredited coaches need to meet professional development requirements to keep up with labour market trends. They differ from recruiters, who generally specialise in set areas and industries. Recruiters and career coaches can work in partnership to help workers.

Coaching on career choices is just as important for adults well into their working life as it is for school students. Regardless of your age or experience, career counselling can help. It can stop workers from choosing the wrong job or help them find a good one.

Seeking the advice of career coaches has long been something many teenagers do at school to help nail down the start to a career path. But the benefits for those who already have work experience or an established professional career are often overlooked.

As our world of work changes at a rapid pace, so to does the skills and attributes required to succeed.  Consider this  – if there was no retirement, could you still (and would you want to) do the work you are doing today? No? maybe it’s time to upskill, sideskill or consider a complete alternative path.

In addition it is also recognised that workers have more opportunity, ability and desire to change; they are career chameleons rather than having one job for life. Workers can engage a counsellor themselves or employers can connect staff with one to help their development.

Career Coaching should be something considered at any stage of your career or return to the workplace – an independent sounding board can not only help with career transition and progression but also the day to day ‘what should I do when …’ work scenarios.

Love Your Work Career Consulting is a professional member of the CDAA and proudly works within the Code of Conduct and Ethics.


To find out more about Professional Careers Coaching Industry  Visit the official site of the Career Development Association of Australia or email  or call Dawn Toynton 0415097345

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