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Want to resign? What if there was a better way?

Want to resign but don’t want to resign … and so begins the conundrum! Let’s be honest we all have moments of just wanting to take a long walk out of the ‘corporate door’ without a backward glance to the boss … but do you REALLY want to resign? Other than the financial constraints which keep many of us in ‘career-shackles’  there are potentially other ways to create opportunity in your existing employment.

Twelve alternatives to be precise! No, they may not satisfy that immediate ‘flight’ need (a slow walk to the coffee shop might have to do) but the options below certainly provide thought around long term career management and positioning – or at least a medium term solution whilst formulating a better exit strategy.

Twelve Career Options – At any time in your career, you have at least twelve career action step options from which to choose:

  Option Involves
1 Remain in Current Role
No content change
Recognition that your current role provides you with your desired level of challenge and development at the moment.
2 Enrichment
Develop current job
Considering what job tasks you wish to do more of and negotiating with others to take over those which no longer motivate you.
3 Vertical
Seek promotion
Considering what would be the real gain for you in seeking increased responsibilities.
4 Exploration
Test out options
Seeking project work, or deputising in another job function to test out how you like it.
5 Lateral
Sideways move
Moving to a similar level of job task difficulty but with different job content.
6 Realignment
Moving down
Downshifting to less responsibility for a short- or long-term period.
7 Relocation
Change business unit
Deciding that work of a different nature from your current business unit is more appropriate for your career future.
8 Redirection
Change career field
Changing the career stream or field of work with your current employer.
9 Proposal
Create new job
Submitting a proposal for creating a new job which would meet the needs of your employer and you.
10 External
Change employer
Deciding that work of a nature different from your current employer is more appropriate for your needs and career future.
11 Enlargement
Expand current job
Add new job tasks to your existing job description
12 Parallel 
Develop job alternatives
Develop alternative job options, from your own business to a second job to a volunteer role

For further information on how to create the above opportunities email

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