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Want more respect and money at work? Just be you!

Would you like to earn more money and respect just by being your fabulous self? Sounds too easy doesn’t it!  Let’s have a raise of hands for those of us that feel like we are genuinely, truly ourselves in the workplace? How about a show of hands for those of us that have to ‘adapt’ more than we would like to our work environment?

Dr Travis Bradberry in a recent article referred to research suggesting that emotional intelligence (EQ) is critical to your performance at work and that people with high EQ’s make approximately $29,000 (USD) more annually than people with low EQs.  He goes on to suggest that a single-point increase in your EQ can add $1,300 (USD) to your salary.

But all of this of course is only valid if you (and the delivery) is genuine/authentic, this is of course where many of us become unstuck … ‘how authentically me’ can I be in the work environment? And I am open to displaying  the required level of transparency and integrity to be genuine.

Below are are 5 ‘markers’ considered by Bradberry to be hallmarks of genuine people – how do you compare?

  • Genuine people don’t pass judgement – they are open-minded, which makes them interesting and approachable
  • They forge their own paths – they know who they are and don’t pretend to be anything else. Direction comes from within, from their own principles and values
  • They are generous – ever worked with someone who constantly holds something back – knowledge or resources? Genuine people believe your success is their success – after all they have shared their knowledge willingly
  • They put away their phones – demonstrating genuine interest in the speaker
  • They don’t brag – they don’t need to, secure in their own value and beliefs

So the trick is understand yourself, believe and be committed.  Easy? It can be!

To elevate your EQ, work on the ‘authentic’ you and get the results (and workplace happiness) you deserve call Dawn 0415097345 or email


*to read the full article by Dr Bradberry


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