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How to Network on Melbourne Cup Day

How to Network on Melbourne Cup Day? Possibly the furthest thought from your mind as you look forward to the VIP event your boss has organised or maybe looking forward to an early finish from the day job!

But consider this … 2016 is just around the corner and you have already been considering your next career step: promotion? exit strategy? total ‘sea change’?  So why not make today a double opportunity … enjoy and create yourself opportunity.

Here are 5 quick tips to make the most of Melbourne Cup Day;

  1. Many bosses/senior execs also want to relax today … create an opportunity ‘chat’ informally and engage on a ‘human level’  … ‘people want to connect with people’ not an over formulated walking advert.
  2. Stay classy or out of sight! We’ve all heard the jokes about ‘what happened at the Christmas party’ etc – Melbourne Cup is no different. Reputations can be built and destroyed
  3. Eyes everywhere … or phone cameras and Facebook! If you’re somewhere you’re not meant to be …
  4. In the office all day? Not everyone is interested in the Melbourne Cup (or has the time to be) … take the opportunity to speak to people you may not otherwise get to speak with or take the chance to catch up on some high profile work!
  5. At an Event? Don’t forget you business cards but as per point 1 -try and keep it natural and remember to connect on LinkedIn tomorrow to keep building the relationship.  You may meet your next employer or a recruiter that has the perfect role!



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