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How to survive interviews … courtesy of Monty Python

‘Survival and resilience’ words not often connected with interviews but as the video demonstrates sometimes they are exactly the skills you need – especially when the interviewer has their own idea on what an interview should be!

In my opinion and certainly in my experience the best interviews (best being where partnership has opportunity to develop) are conducted in a conversational style – albeit a structured one.  Think about it logically, should you end up being hired would you and your manager speak in such a ‘tick tock’ formal manner or … let’s be radical here … speak in a fluid, natural and conversational way?

So why then do ‘we’ buy into the Game of Interviews? Who wins? The business doesn’t get to see the ‘authentic’ you … just a potentially nervous, stage managed version and you don’t get the opportunity to understand the business (or the manager’s style), as quite often the interviewer is a ‘novice’ in the art of interviewing and may well be nervous too!

What’s the solution?  As we can only be responsible for ourselves my recommendation would be to ‘practise being you’ that is the authentic you – sound crazy? Imagine this … going to an interview ‘being yourself’, getting the job and going to work ‘being yourself’ … how much more comfortable, confident, productive and happy would you be?

To practise ‘being you’ and delivering the ‘best of you’ at interview, contact or call 0415097345.

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