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The Best (ironic) Advice from Men to Working Dads!

Working dads should ‘have it all’ … ‘all’ being a high powered career, perfect body, great friends, supportive (beautiful) wife, children and of course great nails, hair and perfect home. Why not? It’s not much to achieve is it!

The above has been subject to a recent hilarious (and thought provoking) parody on ‘Manwhohasitall’ Twitter account (as reported by on what it would sound like giving working dads the same advice as working mums.  

Here are a few of the tweets ‘as men hear the advice to women’, certainly makes for interesting (and cringe worthy) reading;

‘MEN! If you speak up in a meeting & want to be taken seriously, dress smart but not too smart, stay calm & avoid appearing too ambitious.’

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely fine with dads who work. It boosts their self-esteem and gives them an identity beyond just ‘dad.”

‘Busy working dad? Beat stress by wearing trousers to suit your leg shape, losing 10lbs & organising your laundry room like a pro.’

‘TODAY’S DEBATE: Is fatherhood the end for career men?’ 

Sound absurd? As Cheryl Sandberg extols the virtues of ‘Leaning In’ and men and women working together for a balanced home life/workplace – maybe first we should be considering laundry organisation, diet and grooming tips as universal for all!

Keep Calm and Carry On ‘having it all’ Mums and Dads!


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