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Workplace etiquette: My boiled egg prevented my promotion!

Newsflash: My boiled egg prevented my promotion!

So we’ve all been ‘that person’ in the workplace haven’t we? You know the one that has just started a new diet fad and is living on microwave steamed veg or in a vain attempt to ‘eat off’ a hangover, indulged in a lunchtime burger or simply ‘I just fancy for lunch …’  but have no time to step out of the office to eat.

In a recent article in the New York Post by M.Reyes reported that Lynn Taylor author of ‘Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant’ suggested eating the ‘wrong’ food at your desk ‘signals to your colleagues that you’re a bit self-centred and disrespectful’.   And goes on to suggest that food smells in the office are particularly aggravating because they wreck concentration and make people feel like they have no control. “Your office mates may become passive-aggressive or short-tempered, because they don’t know how to address this sensitive issue with you directly,” says Taylor.

So for all the workplace ‘desk jockeys’ out there here’s a list of the most common workplace foods known to cause offense to your work mates and your boss!

  • Boiled eggs – no explanation necessary!
  • Microwave popcorn & pizza – to blame for lowering morale, as it confuses the senses and distracting workers in to thinking of parties and movies!
  • Heated veggies – Brussel sprouts hitting the top of the list
  • Fast food – initial scent causing salivation and then … the greasy aftermath smell that lingers
  • Fish – so good for us yet so bad in the workplace

No reported complaints of the smell of a glass of wine/beer on your desk on a Friday afternoon …!

So what’s the solution?

Many organisations do have a policy in place to help overcome awkward lunchtime moments.  However if yours doesn’t how about simply asking those around you ‘do you mind?’ or even better take the fish for a walk to the park!  Is the kipper worth the promotion?




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