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Adult Internships – Is Sydney keeping up?

Adult internships are back in the media with the release of Robert De Niro’s latest movie ‘The Intern’, which looks at a retiree returning to the workforce.

But what is the reality? Adult internships have been around for a number of years with companies ‘experimenting’ with different ways of attracting and retaining returning talent.  Back in 2012 the Harvard Business Review reported on the growing trend of the ’40 year old intern’ and the positive impact of such returners.

With high profile businesses such as Morgan Stanley recognising the corporate benefits of returning talent with campaigns across New York, London, Mumbai and Hong Kong stating:

‘You left the workforce and put your career on hold. Now, it’s time to start thinking about you again’ – emotive, powerful and accessible marketing.

How does Sydney compare?  Whilst formal ‘adult internships’ are yet to be recognised the increase in businesses acknowledging adult returners is taking a positive swing – which can only be aided by mainstream movies with ‘A list’ actors.

As an alternative to the formal internship – ‘Love Your Work Career Consulting’ works with businesses and individuals to create ‘mini internships’ – to find out more email



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