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‘Future proofing’ for you and your children – don’t lose to a robot!

Ever thought about ‘future proofing’ your work life for you and your children? Don’t lose to a robot!

The  ‘ABC’ article below ties directly to the year 2020 report (see our earlier blog on Trends 2020) on skills required for the future – not just for students but for you and I too.  That future being ’round the corner’!

With the rapid increase of automation, globalisation and the collaboration of economies – our world of work requires us to work in a different way not just from an ‘output’ perspective but all in the way we achieve it.  With even the most traditional of small business’ now communicating globally -whether it’s suppliers in China or outsourcing of graphic design to India – we are all learning the art of ‘international soft skills’!

Let us work with you (or your ‘student children’) to create a personalised development plan to ‘future proof’ your career-work-life and/or to make sure your ‘grown up’ kids can be earning enough to move out and not stay at home forever!

Call 0415097345 to speak to someone real!

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