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My 3 year old has a resume and a network better than me!

My 3 year old has a resume … and the potential of a great LinkedIn profile too!  True? Yes to the resume and only in theory to the LinkedIn account. But why? What’s the point?

I was recently having a discussion with some fellow career coaches about the purpose of resumes in the technological era and how to bring awareness to young people regarding career management*.  Stay with me … I am not talking about getting in to a deep and meaningful with a 6 year old about which professions are the smart ones to choose to ‘future proof’ your career and earn enough money to put a roof over your head in Sydney!

No, I am referring to home and school developing the skills required in the global workforce.

Unlike my generation (the wrong side of 35!) our children are the first to know a world where technology breaks down distance both socially and in workplace communication.

As an experiment to demonstrate that anyone can have a great resume (based on my ‘6 second resume’ theory)  and that anyone can be networked – I decided to create a resume for my daughter (aged 3) and create a ‘mock up’ up of her ‘network’ today.  Whilst her skills might be limited to counting to 20 and singing the alphabet in a ‘non-traditional’ order – the principles of resume writing and networking remained the same – highlight what adds value to the reader and that your network can be one of the most influential aspects of career management … and no matter what your age both are highly achievable – and you already have the skills and talent to do both!

So next time you doubt your ability to have a great ‘brag sheet’ (resume) and question the strength of your network … remember if a 3 year old can you most certainly can!

Why not call Dawn 0415097345 to make the most of your network and to build your 6 second resume.

*look out for my next blog on youth career development.

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