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How to avoid common Job interview mistakes

Want to avoid job interview mistakes? They say first impressions count and this is certainly supported by an infograph of a survey of 2000 bosses,  recently released by the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA).  So how would you impress a potential new boss in 90 seconds?  First start with a simple smile and make eye contact, as these are highlighted as the most common mistakes interviewee’s don’t do! Surprisingly 70% of the interviewed bosses said that they did not want to see applicants neither fashionable or trendy – and yet 65% say that clothes would be the deciding factor between two equally matched candidates. Confused? ‘Love Your Works’ simple advice –  research the industry you’re applying to work in  -dress accordingly -for example the on trend denim might be ‘cool’ in advertising … less appealing at a Big 4 bank!

To decipher the hidden game of job interviewing and to get ahead of the competition – why not book a 1 hour interview coaching session? Surely you deserve to give yourself the best chance! Call Dawn 0415097345

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