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Workplace Etiquette and the Slip of the Lip!

Could it get more publicly embarrassing than falling over in front of thousands of people in front of possibly the most famous ‘house’ in the world –all in the name of doing your job! To the poor soldier who recently slipped during the changing of the guard… we salute you!

Workplace etiquette is a minefield for the average person, gone are the days when we sat in smoke filled offices, speaking on landlines and where the ‘faux pas’ remained gossip on the floor you walked on.  Now we have to face the secret world of instant messaging –before we have even got back to our desk-it feels like the whole building knows something…!

Here is ‘Love Your Work’s’ top 5 ‘everyday workplace faux pas’….

  1. The ‘Slip of the lip’ or finger! Ever called your boss ‘mum’ or emailed the wrong person. Obviously the ‘cringe factor’ and degree of consequence relates to the content. I do recall a colleague emailing a friend with ‘hey gorgeous fancy a quick one (drink) tonight?’ but sent it to her boss… in this instance it was an unwitting ice-breaker that lead to a walk down the aisle.  Amazing! For all those other occasions ‘Love Your Work’ recommends writing your email – without putting the addresses in – check- then add. Or have a time delay on your emails if you are prone to ‘quick fingers’
  2. The walk of shame… This for some may be the optimum cringe… from toilet roll on the shoe to ‘unintentional bathroom perfume’… need we say more!
  3. Wardrobe malfunction… ever had to raid the first aid kit for a safety pin?? Surely there should be a ‘wardrobe first aid kit at work’!? ! Ok not quite a ‘malfunction’ but… I once worked with a guy that did sports at lunchtime, naturally he showered after… but sadly on one occasion he left his underwear on the floor… which then made it in to the staff lunchroom! Our advice (in this instance)… claim the shame! You got off your butt and exercised didn’t you!
  4. Accidental ‘adult images’… one minute you’re searching for ‘x’ and ‘y’ leaps on to the screen – usually just as your boss approaches your desk! What do you do… when hiding under your desk isn’t an option! What’s the workplace etiquette – apologise to those around you and report it to IT to cover your tracks!
  5. Social Media Sabotage… yes we know there’s no avoiding social media and ‘privacy settings’ seem to be as elusive as a Dodo! But be smart, getting caught posting pictures of yourself skydiving when you are meant to be paralysed with man-flu isn’t going to help the pay rise or promotion!

At ‘Love Your Work Career Consulting’ we always recommend being ‘authentically you’ … just maybe on the odd occasion a little less so… stay smart Sydney!

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