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Happy Hump Day...It's all about you Sydney!

Happy Hump Day…It’s all about you Sydney!

Happy Hump Day – it’s all about you Sydney…wealthier, more attractive and more costly than the average camel!


1.  Sydney’s economy is larger than those of Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore – the city produces over $306 billion in goods and services a year Sydney is the headquarters of more than 90 per cent of the international banks operating in Australia, including Citigroup, HSBC and Deutsche Bank, and over 60 per cent of Australia’s ICT regional headquarters and operations centres.

2. In a UBS comparison of city prices and salaries in 2012, Sydney was found to have the fifth highest net wages in the world – nearly on par with New York, and well ahead of London and most other Asia-Pacific cities. The median income for a household with two incomes and children is AUD$2,537 per week

3. Based on local salaries how long do you think it takes to earn a Big Mac or an Iphone? In Sydney UBS estimates it will take 12 minutes to earn enough to afford a Big Mac, compared to 10 minutes in Hong Kong and 16 minutes in London.  Or if you’re more of an Iphone connoisseur it would take you 32.5 hours in Sydney, 42.5 in London and 53 hours in Hong Kong to earn one.

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