Love Your Work Career Consulting | What do Kylie Minogue’s hot pants, snags and cricket have in common?
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What do Kylie Minogue’s hot pants, snags and cricket have in common?

What do Kylie Minogue’s hot pants, snags and cricket have in common?

The simple answer could be that  in one way or another they have all brought a little happiness (or at the very least a wry smile) to the average Aussie!  Ok so we all know what a fine country Australia is – no other place like it right? But how do we really compare to other nations?

Each year the Organisation of Economic  Cooperation Development (OECD) analyse all the findings from their Better Life Index survey – which focuses on the aspects of life that matter to people to shape their quality of life, identified in to 11 key areas which include areas such as; jobs and earnings, social connections, personal security, work-life balance and civic engagement.

The findings show that as a nation we are considered in the ‘top performing’ band for 10 out of 11 of the key better life indicators.  Interestingly the only area we fall in to the ‘poor performers’ is work-life balance.  And yet of the 3 topics we consider to be most important to us are; health, work-life balance and life satisfaction.

So how would you rate your work-life balance and have you really considered what it ‘looks like’ to you?  Maybe it means a few simple changes or a total sea change? Either way ‘Love Your Work’ can help you through the decision making maze!

But before you take that leap of faith and become a dive coach in the Whitsundays consider this- according to the World Happiness Report 2015, Australia is the 10th happiest place on earth…  So next time you take a bite of your snag, cheer on your local team or take a walk in gold hot pants … remember these may be some of the little things that make life in Australia that bit better than most.

Go Aussie!


To read the full survey details go to

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