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How to avoid a bad hair day and other great interview tips

How to avoid a bad hair day and other great interview tips

So it looks like a Lima in a toupe?? Or is it representative of what typically happens on those all-important interview days … nerves set in, hair won’t go right,  your memory capacity makes a goldfish look good and then the dreaded moment … your palms are as sweaty as a lifeguard on Bondi Beach,  you forget the simplest of detail and sit there like a rabbit in the headlights!

Flashback…we have all been there haven’t we?? For all those that have had ‘one of those days’ or are looking to never experience one – here are just a few handy tips to avoid interview meltdown …

  • P is for … ’preparation prevents poor performance’ painfully obvious but so true.  Research the company and check out LinkedIn for the person you are meeting with – no it’s not stalking, it’s sensible – you may find out you have things or people in common, that make for good ice-breakers
  • Oscar winning … unless you are auditioning for Neighbours  then ‘be authentic’ be yourself – it takes too long and is too hard to be anyone else. Yes prepare, rehearse –know your  personal value and worth to a company but you don’t want to come across as ‘over rehearsed and robotic’
  • Perfume counters …  are lovely but you don’t want to smell like one – keep it subtle, an interviewer having a sneezing fit isn’t going to be able to hear how amazing you are
  • We’ll meet again … think big picture.  And you thought an interview was just about getting an offer – wrong. If you didn’t get an offer would you have wanted that time to have been wasted? Think big picture  use every interview as an opportunity to connect and network, after all you may meet again – on or offline.


As for avoiding bad hair … more on that next time!


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