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Don't get left behind ... are you 2020 work ready?

Don’t get left behind … are you 2020 work ready?

So the year 2020 is fast approaching have you done everything possible to ‘future proof’ your current career or make a return to the workforce more accessible?  Or maybe you have and it’s time to ensure your children are 2020 ready too? Skill up or skill out!

According to the Future Work Skills 2020 report and other influential data there are many ‘new skills’ required in the future workforce such as; virtual collaboaration, social intelligence and new media literacy – reflecting our need to communicate across different platforms, across continents and to adapt our way of thinking and doing! After all even the most local SME is probably communicating regularly with overseas suppliers in China or possible outsourcing IT services to India.

But how does this translate to Australia here and now?

According to the recently published Department of Employment 2015 Australian Jobs publication there is more than 1.1 million new jobs expected to be created over the next five years. With mature age and young workers facing particular difficulty in accessing the labour market, however the Government is investing $5 billion over three years from 1 July 2015 in new employment services acknowledging the need to develop our workforce skills on a different level.

At ‘Love Your Work’ we believe that when broken down the ‘new skills’ are just an advancement on what we do already relatively naturally – it’s the relearning on how to apply them in the world of work that people often find challenging, coupled with how to engage in a job search strategy.

Why not spare yourself hours of research and confusion and let us help you ‘skill in’!

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